Getting Ready for Summer Travel

Spend some time in some of the most sought-after beach and sunshine destinations this summer. Walk the boardwalk with ice cream in hand. Snorkel amongst the sea life. Explore exotic caves and 100-year-old statues. Whatever your reason, these beach destinations are the bee's knees.


The Caribbean islands are home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Where turquoise-blue waters meet a faint blue sky. If you're looking for a picturesque, white-sand beach vacation, this is your destination. For added adventure, consider any number of cruises to the Caribbean. During your cruise destinations you can explore villages, parasail over pristine, crystal-clear waters or play the day away on the beach.

Jolly Harbour


You'll feel the aloha (love) everywhere in this tropical paradise. From crystal-clear oceans, plenty of surfing opportunities, shave ice and sunny days, it's no wonder why the Hawaiian Islands are a top destination year-round.

Oahu: "The heart of Hawaii," this is the most-visited island of all the Hawaiian islands. Oahu is home to the state's capital, Honolulu, and features an urbanized city feel. The North Shore is a popular surfing destination while Chinaman's Hat is know for its likeness to a traditional Chinese hat. For up-close encounters, snorkel at Shark's Cove.

Hawaii: Also known as "The Big Island," Hawaii is larger than all the other islands combined. It's home to multiple active volcanoes and visitors love flocking to the unique, black-sand beaches. Believe it or not, Hawaii is known to feature snowcapped mountains from time to time. Hilo is great for exploring waterfalls, rainforests and botanical gardens.

Maui: Maui gives you a tropical and secluded experience. The island is home to beautiful resorts, tropical rainforests and breathtaking beaches. Maui is the second most-popular island, according to gohawaii.com, and is home to some of the best beaches for whale watching every winter.

Kauai: Kauai is the oldest and northernmost island. This island if filled with natural beauty and features Waimea Canyon, "The Grand Canyon of the Pacific."



Warm beaches and brightly colored homes line the coast of Florida. This "Sunshine" state's destinations more than makes up for its hot and humid climate. When you're sick of spending day after day on the beach (who are we kidding) get your adventure on. Universal Studios Orlando is among the most famous amusement park destination. Disney World is larger than its sister park Disneyland and features Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Panama City Beach, Florida (J.S. Clark)


Mexico has diverse culture, unique oceanfronts and gorgeous beaches. Cozumel is known for its coral reefs and cruise boats while Playa del Carmen boasts amazing food, gorgeous beaches and a hip bar scene. Cabo San Lucas is one of the more luxurious locations. Deluxe villas, countless golf courses and world-class resorts make up this Mexican city.