Luggage Packing Tips by BellHop

Start with a packing list.

It sounds like a tedious task, but we have put together a pretty extensive list of things you�ll want to pack. Print off the list and as you add new things simply cross them off your list. Don�t forget a thing!

Roll Clothes. Folding causes wrinkles.

Check your airlines baggage policy. The rules change constantly, so visit your airline�s website for details. Generally you need to stay under a certain weight limit so a good way to check this is to weigh your bag on your bathroom scale. If you can�t read the numbers, weigh yourself first, and then weigh yourself holding the bag. Subtract the larger number and you�ll have your baggage weight.

Pack using layers.

Try and pack your bag in layers. Pants and shorts, shirts, shoes etc. This way if you are flying, the TSA agent can clearly see what you have packed and will move you through the line quicker.

Plastic Bags

Buy some ziploc bags of different sizes. You can use them to store things that might spill and not ruin other valuables in your suitcase. You can also bring trash bags to store and separate dirty laundry using the bags.

Just what you need

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Limit the amount of shampoo, toothpaste, etc that you need to pack. Take only what you need for the vacation/trip.