Majority Chooses Fear

Travelers lend a helping hand

According to a recent survey posted on BellHop.com, nearly 60% of people would prefer to sit next to someone that is terrified of flying. Coming in at second place with 26% of the vote was someone with a crying baby, third place was 11% with someone with a cold, and the least preferred travel companion was someone with body odor at 3% of our survey.

�The results don�t surprise me,� Keith Johnson, President of BellHop.com states. �You can always try and calm someone down that is scared of flying or chances are that the baby will eventually stop crying. Unless the person with body odor decides to take a mid-flight shower, you�re pretty much stuck.�

Help Out

So if 60% of the people surveyed would rather sit next to a scared passenger, what can you do to better help out? First, if you find yourself next to someone that is scared to fly, assure them that you have flown before. Anytime you hear certain noises let them know what you feel the noise is. Even if you don�t know, it�s good to guess. Act confident and it will make your flight more enjoyable because the frightened person will put some faith in you.

Wash, Please.

If you plan on flying any time soon, please remember to bath. According to our survey over 99% of people wouldn�t prefer to sit next to someone that has body odor. Remember that you are in a capsule flying through the sky and airplanes recycle air.