Planning a Cruise in Wisconsin Dells

Off-the-beaten-path vacations have become so trendy, they seem almost cliché. Everybody's looking for the least-visited, obscure places they can travel. There's a type of prestige in being able to say you vacationed on an island no one's ever heard of.

These locales are well-deserving of their exotic prestige. But there are often closer-to-home destinations that fit the same bill. Whether you're planning a romantic couple's retreat or a family getaway, you have only to look north to find an unexpected, completely worthwhile off-the-beaten path vacation: a cruise on Wisconsin's rivers or lakes.

What to Expect

If you want an easy vacation that'll let you sit back, prop your feet up, and enjoy the scenery, a river or lake cruise might be the perfect choice. According to Condé Nast Traveler, river cruises are great for those who want to enjoy the scenery. On the other hand, time spent at ports of call will be very limited. If you're looking for a quiet vacation, this might be the perfect choice, but river cruises aren't usually very accommodating for families with children; most state rooms are very small, with only two single beds.

When to Go

You can cruise Wisconsin waters year-round. Try planning your vacation as both a river or lake cruise and a few days at the end to explore the local area. According to Dells.com, many Wisconsin areas feature beautiful sightseeing, indoor waterparks that operate year round, and luxurious getaways where you can expect to be treated like royalty. Wisconsin Dells vacation packages are available, including your hotel room and, admission to area amusement parks and museums and discount coupons on local cuisine.

If you're going in the autumn months, you'll love seeing the brilliant fall colors. In the winter, Wisconsin becomes a sparkling winter wonderland, with cozy fireplaces, indoor water parks, and five-star hotels to provide a warm escape from the cold weather. During the summer, enjoy the mild weather of the northern States and enjoy some time outdoors. No matter when you decide to take your vacation, you'll find an option.

Places to See When the Cruise is Over

If you've planned a few extra days in Wisconsin after your cruise (you should!), you'll want to hit some of Wisconsin Dells' top destinations.

Date Night: Though the Dells is most known as the water park capital of Wisconsin, it also offers a welcome retreat for couples. Enjoy dinner and dancing at The Reef at Marley's, a one-of-a-kind dance bar. Or, for a more romantic outing, go for dinner and a show. The Crystal Grand Music Theatre, one of the most architecturally beautiful concert halls in the area, offers top-notch entertainment all year.