Preventing and Checking for Bedbugs

Bedbugs have been getting some press lately and should be taken very seriously. Although 99% of the hotels, motels, and B&Bs that you visit will probably not have bed bugs, it�s always a good rule to check before you stay!

Key Card and Flash Light

The best tools you can use to check for bedbugs is the room key card (or credit card) and a flashlight. Start with the bedding and remove one corner of the bedding until you find the mattress. Using your credit card or room key, scrape along the seams of the mattress to see if any movement occurs. If the mattress is a pillow top mattress, use the card and lift the pillow top from the mattress itself.

Checking Furniture

If you plan on using the dressers to store your clothing, check the drawers thoroughly before you place any clothing in the dresser. Hang any clothing that does not need to be placed in the dresser drawers.

Storing Luggage

Most lodging establishments include a luggage rack. Use it! Keep your luggage off the bed since that is a great way to transfer bed bugs to your home. If there is no luggage rack in the hotel room itself, place your luggage on the edge of the bathtub.

Search before you go

Granted the internet can have false claims, but you can always try and check bedbugregistry.com web site to see if your hotel that you wil be staying at will have any complaints about bed bugs.