Safe travel to the Bahamas

Getting Started.

Whether you plan to have your spring break in the Bahamas or you just feel like taking a vacation, the Bahamas is a great option to blow off some steam.

For travelers around the world, you will need to have a valid passport to enter the Bahamas. Obtaining a passport is not a difficult task but it will take some time, so plan accordingly.

Getting Around

Buses, which are also called jitneys, can be taken around the island. Fares are very reasonable and it's a good idea to check with the hotel's concierge for bus routes/maps. There is a ferry that leaves from the downtown area to paradise island on a daily basis. Rental cars can be utilized, if you are at least 21 years of age. Of course you could always take a taxi.


Two of the best beaches are Cable and Cabbage Beach. Grand Bahamas Island is actually best for Eco-travelers which features over 60 miles of beachfront great for swimming, snorkeling and more. If you are afraid of fish but would still like to go swimming, the Atlantis Waterpark on Paradise Island is great option!

Don't forget your history.

You can always get some great duty free shopping on New Providence's Bay Street, or Bahamas Island's Port Lucaya Marketplace, but it's also fun to learn a little history about the area. Christ Church Cathedral or the Pirates of Nassau Museum offer a great chance to get out of the sun for a while.


The best way to enjoy the Bahamas nightlife is island hop. Make sure you try out of the islands to get the full experience.


Do you have to be certified to dive in the Bahamas? The answer is yes. Not certified? http://www.androsdiving.com/bahamas/dive-certification/ offers a great chance to get certified. The Bahamas offers Dolphin experiences, Shallow Reef Diving, Caverns, and Wreck Diving just to name a few different types. If you're not able to get certified in diving, snorkeling is a great option. Try Rose Island Reefs, Gambier Deep Reef, Love Beach, or Goulding Cay Reefs.