Visit Las Vegas in the winter

Visit Las Vegas in Winter

The Temperatures

Las Vegas lies in a chilly valley, but is a welcoming winter treats for people hoping to escape the freezing temperatures, snow and ice from other parts of the world. During the winter, days in the Sin city are often sunny and clear. The day time highs in the winter are approximately in the mid-50s to mid-60s. In fact, it is easy for you to forget that Las Vegas is located in a desert. It should not surprise you when nighttime temperatures get close to freezing. However, it is very rare for the weather to snow and stick.

What to Pack and Wear

Check the weather before you leave, pack appropriately. This is because most parts of the Las Vegas valley is raised over 2, 000 feet. The winter months are chillier than you might expect, especially in the evening. It normally gets cool at night and the air conditioning inside some restaurants, bars, casinos and night clubs can be very chilly. You should pack and wear long pants, a jacket or sweater if you are visiting between November and march. Pack about four or five blouses or shirts. Include a very classy outfit for going to the epicure nightclub or a restaurant. Take at least two pairs of comfortable shoes: casual pair of sneakers and regular pair for walking. Though you may want to take some hat, gloves or sweatshirt, cooler temperatures during the winter means that it will be the ideal time to visit Death Valley National Park or hike at Red Rock Canyon.

The Hotel Booking

Besides, if you want to visit Las Vegas during the winter, the sooner you book a room. The hotels in the Sin city fill up very fast, and you might break your bank to get the privilege to party over one of the most popular holidays of the year in Las Vegas